Sea Otter (Parent & Tot ) 6 mos – 2 years

Group Classes

All of our group classes work on a rolling enrollment. This means you can register anytime there is an opening and start the next class! To enroll for class: Scroll through the levels and find what is appropriate for you, then find a good weekly meeting time and register! For more information on our group class structure, waitlist options, and yearly pool fee please read over our Group Classes Overview. We also offer Private Lessons, if you want something specific or 1-on-1 work.

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30 Minute Lessons

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1 Day per Week

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$117 per Month

About the Sea Otter Lessons

Our Sea Otter lessons are for children from 6 months to 2 years old accompanied in the water by their parent/caregiver. Our instructors work with the parents to teach the child water comfort and very elementary swim behaviors: blowing bubbles, floating, kicking. The main emphasis is on engaging the child in the idea that water is an enjoyable, not a fearful, environment.

IMPORTANT: Children 4 years old and younger, even if potty trained, must ABSOLUTELY wear reusable swim diapers. These can be purchased here or at your local Target or Walmart.

Current Sea Otter Swim Lessons