4 & 5 Years-Old Classes

Group Classes

All of our group classes work on a rolling enrollment. This means you can register anytime there is an opening and start the next class! To enroll for class: Scroll through the levels and find what is appropriate for you, then find a good weekly meeting time and register! For more information on our group class structure, waitlist options, and yearly pool fee please read over our Group Classes Overview. We also offer Private Lessons, if you want something specific or 1-on-1 work.

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30 Minute Lessons

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1 Day per Week

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$117 per Month

About the Sea Turtle and Jellyfish Levels

Four and five-year-old children have significantly more coordination than three-year-olds. And they should. After all, they’re 33% to 66% older! But they are still in relatively early stages of cognitive and co-ordinate development.

Our program for four and five-year-olds is designed to meet them at their level of development:

  • To create the trust relationship so crucial to teaching anyone to swim
  • To engage them in swimming as a fun and rewarding activity
  • To introduce them to and help them master the water safety awareness and in-water skills that every child should have.


Our classes are listed in progressive order. Students with anxiety or fear in the water will start with our Sea Turtle group classes to address these worries first. Students without fear, or already have some swimming skills, can start on their appropriate Jellyfish level.

IMPORTANT: Children 4 years old and younger, even if potty trained, must ABSOLUTELY wear reusable swim diapers. These can be purchased here or at your local Target or Walmart.

Current Sea Turtle Classes

Sea Turtles

Current Ability: Brand new to swim lessons. May have some fear of participating in lessons.

Current Jellyfish Levels

Jellyfish 1

Current Ability: May be nervous but willing to try to participate in lessons.

Jellyfish 2

Current Ability: No fear of participating in swim lessons.  Can float(relaxed body position) on front and back independently, submerge and blow bubbles (with assistance), can kick independently on front and back.

Jellyfish 3

Current Ability: Can independently roll over float, perform deep water bob and move to shallow water, swim face in w/ scooping arms 15 ft, can self rescue.

Jellyfish 4

This is an invite-only level

Current Ability: For swimmers 5 yrs old that have completed Jellyfish 3 but not yet 6 yrs of age. This level must be registered for directly with the swim desk staff.